Thursday, 16 October 2008

His Heineken Cup runneth over

A rather disingenuously teasing email came through from Toulouse Tourist Office's ever so charming press officer Fanny, with whom I dined heartily and happily on my most recent visit to the Pink City (as featured in the latest issue of French).

She was ribbing me about how her local rugby team had beaten mine over the weekend in a pulsating Heineken Cup tie. I replied, naturellement, with double the sarcasm, which I hope didn't upset her too much. Anyone who says the French have no sense of humour is quite wrong.

Anyone who says Toulouse deserved to win is also quite wrong, but c'est la vie. The winning kick was delivered by the talented, though inconsistent, David Skrela (pictured), who seems to be French rugby's latest poster boy.

The return fixture in Bath, on the weekend of January 23rd, promises to be a humdinger. What Entente Cordiale?


fanny said...

Hi Justin, I'm not upset don't worry ! I'm quite honored to be in your blog. You're what we call a "bon perdant" !

Ok, let's say what will happen on the 23/01/09 then. Hope you will have your revenge :-)

Entente cordialement,


Justin said...

Merci, Fanny. Vive Toulouse, Vive Bath et Vive la France!