Tuesday, 6 January 2009

It wasn't me

Happy New Year everybody.

Now that festive excesses are but claret-soaked memories, thoughts must turn to 2009 and the fun ahead. From a professional perspective, the year promises to be challenging in the extreme, but you get nothing done by moaning. I hope that those of you who have enjoyed reading French Magazine over the years will continue to do so.

I am off to the France Show at Earl's Court this weekend, where I hope to spy some familiar faces. The show is always a fantastic place to immerse oneself in a bit of French culture, and to think about planning a great holiday. I might see you there!

Meanwhile in the news, it's good to see that, despite more pressing issues to deal with, even the corridors of power in the French Justice Minsitry are rife with idle speculation.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Vive La France! I'm glad you deleted the comment of B P Perry, the xenophobic English lager lout.

Anonymous said...

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