Friday, 15 August 2008

Heartbreak hotel

It seems I am not alone in questioning the dubious standards of certain sections of the French tourism/catering industries. This makes for sad reading if you love France as I do. What do you think?


Lynn said...

Well, yeah. It's like a lot of places. If you see the owners working, it's probably okay. If you don't, be careful. Actually the worst ripoffs I have found have been house rentals: bad mattresses, no utensils in the kitchens, showers that don't work, yuck. The underlying reasons may vary -- in France I think it may be some combination of French indifference to those who are not French, combined with nonFrench themselves taking a lot of the service positions, which doubly removes the French owners from the customers -- but the effect is much the same the world over. That said, for customer service I'll take France over, say, India, any day.

Justin said...

Thanks for your comment Lynn. I note from updates to this story on various news sites, that it was mainly low-quality takeaway shops selling classic French kebabs that incurred the wrath of the food hygiene inspectors.