Thursday, 28 August 2008

Language course

Sorry for the delay since last post. It's been all hands to the pump here as we put the final touches to the Autumn/Winter Edition of The Traveller in France. It's looking great, and you will be able to claim your free bagged copy when you buy the November issue of French Magazine, on sale October 2nd. Meanwhile, the October issue (are you following me?) of French is out next Thursday, September 4th! Full of French goodness, it is.

Today, amongst the pile of press releases and books that postie Steve jovially brings to our grateful editorial floor every day, I got a sample copy of this, a new edition one-day course in French, which is handy for anyone keen to extend their linguistic capabilities beyond baffled grunts, international hand gestures and just saying things slower and louder in English. It's on sale tomorrow.

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Dan Johnson said...

Surely the king of French learning courses is Michel Thomas. His recordings take place in a classroom with two 'students', one good but one hilariously bad! I even find myself chivvying the bad student along, great for my confidence.

After two years of learning French, I'd say you can't beat an evening course with other people to talk to (unless your planning an extended stay in France of course).