Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sloping off

I was informed by my old mate (and French tourism industry legend in his own lunchtime) Paddy Daly from that fine organisation ABTOF that, according to his members, ski holiday bookings to France are very healthy this year. In the face of seemingly endless rounds of credit crunch doom-mongering, this is great news for anyone in the French holiday business. If you haven't yet booked your winter visit, you'll find plenty of ideas and offers on the site.

I'm undecided about whether or not to hit the slopes this season. For a start, I'm not very good at skiing, and this annoys me greatly. I've only been a couple of times with a group of friends who leave me in their wake, struggling to descend even the simplest of red runs. This winds me up no end, especially as smug five-year-olds whizz past wearing all their fancy outfits.

I am, however, very good at scoffing artery-pillaging tartiflette (pictured) as if, ironically, my very life depended on it, and at indulging in boozy après-ski shenanigans. Actually, sod the skis – these are two very good reasons to book an Alpine jolly NOW.

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