Monday, 2 March 2009

French rugby mystery

The decision to play the first ever Friday night Six Nations game was as baffling to the untrained eye as the brilliant underdog performance of the French rugby team against Wales.

I watched the game through the mist of a few glasses of Champers, as I helped a friend celebrate a new job, so I cannot comment on the ins and outs, but it's clear that writing the French off is perilous, especially when Sébastien Tellier, sorry Sébastian Chabal, has fire in his belly.


Ishouldbeworking said...

They were FEROCIOUS, weren't they? Maybe the 'cheese eating surrender monkey' jibe has finally been put to use to fan the flames of Gallic rage. Chapeau!

Justin said...

Yes, and made life difficult with missed pops at goal. I don't think anyone will be using the old cheese eater line now that the US has a nice person in charge.